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fxPAINT has been created with the vision of maximum functionality, adaptability and user-friendlyness in handling of image data in mind.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: IOSPIRIT GmbH
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Updated: 10 Nov 2006
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fxPAINT has been created with the vision of maximum functionality, adaptability and user-friendlyness in handling of image data in mind.

It can not only be used for professionally reworking and creating images, but offers even more advanced features that qualify it as a true allround-program, opening up additional fields of application to the user.

Image creation - diverse drawing tools

fxPAINT offers to you 18 different drawing tools which include standard tools such as for rectangle-, line-, ellipse- and polygon-drawing, but also professional tools like a magic stick, b?zier-curves, gradients of all kinds (linear, radial, conical, ..), etc. Those can be combined with any pens that can immitate real materials (e.g. chalk, sprays, pencils) or simply be own creations. Besides drawing with a color, fxPAINT can also directly draw with effects (see below) or color gradients. Gradients can be freely designed - including transparencies - with the comfortable gradient manager. Furthermore you can directly scan, take screenshots, use digitalcameras and videoboards, create fractals, etc. from within fxPAINT. In any case you directly get the result you see on your screen (WYSIWYG).

Image processing - more than 90 effects

As the "fx" (abbreviation for "effects") already hints at it, fxPAINT offers you a great number of effects, unique in this number and constellation. Pyro- effects, picture-mosaics, diverse light-effects, a powerful bumpmapper for pseudo 3D-effects, gradation-curves, glas-effects, various artistic-effects, composition-effects and many more specialised filters and effects as well as standard corrections for e.g. brightness, sharpness, color intensity create brilliant results that can only hardly be outperformed by others!

fxALBUM - image-cataloguing and -sharing

fxALBUM, an inbuilt module of fxPAINT, allows you the easy administration even of bigger picture collections. Besides alphabetic sorting, you can also print overviews, create slideshows with fade-effects or re-arrange your pictures via drag and drop. Especially if you own a digital camera you won?t want to miss the integrated tools for fast rotation and commentating, suitable even for processing many pictures. If you want to bring your pictures into the web, fxALBUM creates HTML-picture- overviews, that are easily adaptable to your own demands - if you want, up to your own album skin! Even internet-greetingcards are possible. Not without reason fxPAINT is used by big and quality-conscious AMIGA-websites for years.

fxCONV - batchprocessing

fxCONV, also an inbuilt module of fxPAINT, helps you to process masses of image files quickly and easily. Besides simple conversion and suffix adaption you can also scale, rotate or use ARexx-scripts, accessing fxPAINTs mighty ARexx-interface, to rework them in exactly the way you want to!

Internet - tools and abilities

fxPAINT also will help you a lot in all things internet. The "Navigation Builder" creates, within seconds, a complete navigationbar, incl. HTML-Code, from two pictures (selected and unselected state). Using fxIMAGEMAP, HTML-Imagemaps can be created fast and intuitive. Even the creation of PNG-files with transparency and a preview for JPEG-compression-artefacts are no problem for fxPAINT. Plus you can use the already presented fxALBUM to create HTML-based Multimedia-CDs, slideshows, "simple" galleries, tours or reports - in nearly any design imaginable and at a superb quality!

Userfriendly userinterface

Special improtance has been attached to the design of a userfriendly userinterface during the development of fxPAINT. All important functions are easily accessable, the userinterface offers aids like bubble help and self-descriptive graphics in full 24 Bit. Furthermore there are many useful tools, like e.g. the "Size Manager". Thanks to highly optimized routines and extensive support for the latest hardware, fxPAINT allows you to work in realtime and to unleash your creative powers!

Extensive hardware-support

fxPAINT may well be the graphics application with the most extensive hardware-support. It runs native on three different CPU-architectures: 680x0 (OS 3.x), PPC (MorphOS, WarpUP, PowerUP) and x86 (Amithlon). Furthermore, fxPAINT can make use of scanner- (fxSCAN, ScanQuix), digital-camera- and videoboard-software (VHI Studio) and support flat screens (inbuilt calibration), graphics boards, mouse wheels, graphicstablets (incl. many options) directly. Printers can be talked to via three different systems - AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 3.5+ and TurboPrint.


Minimum requirements

AMIGA with 68000
AmigaOS 3.0


AMIGA with 680x0
PPC-board with WarpUP, PowerUP or MorphOS
native x86-support under Amithlon
Graphicsboard with CyberGraphX or Picasso96
ScanQuix and fxSCAN 4.0
VHI Studio 5.71
Extensions in AmigaOS 3.5/3.9
Extensions in MorphOS
Tableaus with AMIGA-drivers
Flatscreens (color calibration)

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