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Focus Extender Focus Extender 1.0
Focus Extender is a tool that provides a simple interface to a sophisticated technique for constructing extended depth of field images.
Helicon Focus Helicon Focus 4.21
HeliconFocus is an application that creates one completely focused image from several partially focused images by combining the focused areas.
PDF Focus .Net PDF Focus .Net
convert PDF to Word, TXT, HTML, PDF to XML, Excel, Images using VB .Net
Most Attentive Most Attentive 1.5
Help your child do better in school. Focus is the key to success in school.
Focus VideoPhone Focus VideoPhone 3.4b
Video-communication application that can be used in LAN or Internet.
Focus Layer Focus Layer 1.4
Focus Layer places a translucent layer between it and all other windows behind the front most window.
Focus Genie Focus Genie 2.1
Make any window stay Top
Exposure Magic Exposure Magic 2.1
This software combines multiple over and under exposed images into one image
phpTunes phpTunes 2.0
Ever wanted to show everyone what you're listening to in iTunes? Now you can.
DOFC - Depth of Field Calculator DOFC - Depth of Field Calculator 1.5
DOFC is a handy calculator for the depth of field, near focus, far focus and hyperfocal distance, no matter what camera you’ve got.

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