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Flix software is perfect for encoding video into Flash formats, including Flash MX, Flash FLV, and Flash 3-5.

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Updated: 06 Sep 2005
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Flix software is perfect for encoding video into Flash formats, including Flash MX, Flash FLV, and Flash 3-5. All products are available for Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.6 and up.

The updated Flix Pro 3.0 includes batch encoding, automated SWF functions such as play controls, and numerous output options. The new version adds automatic player output, editing of in and out points, cropping of source video, and improved 2-pass VBR encoding.

Here are some key features of "Flix Pro":
Encode and post your video in three clicks with Flix Pro!
Flix video works without a streaming server, plays on all platforms and browsers and streams through firewalls. It's the hassle free video solution.
Output your video in a custom player automatically.
Batch encode your videos.
Convenient presets to prepare your video for streaming over the Internet at any bandwidth.
Link your video file to any web site.
Customizable and savable settings and options.
Apply advanced Flash features without having to know any Flash. Flix can automatically add many Flash functions like preloaders, projectors and play controls.
Encode High Quality Flash Video
Encodes virtually all types of video, audio and image files - even Windows Media into Flash with excellent image quality and small file sizes.
Encode DV files from your camcorder or digital files in any of the following formats:
Video: .asf, .avi, .dv, .mov/.qt, .mpeg, .wmv
Audio: .mp3, .wav, .wma
Still Image: jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .psd, .tif, .pic, .tga
Outputs excellent quality Flash MX video using the On2 codec, including higher resolution 2-pass VBR compression.
Outputs .FLV files (both 1-pass and 2-pass VBR) for easy import into the Macromedia Flash authoring tool.
Also outputs Flash 3-6 video so that your video files can be seen by over 400 million Internet users without downloading any player*.
Outputs vector video.
Vectorize your Video
Flix Pro is the only software that saves animators countless hours by automatically turning any video into an animation.
Full color, grayscale, two color and outline output options.
Edit your source movie with frame-level accuracy.
Preview editing changes in real-time at full video resolution.
Crop your video.
Produce videos for web sites, CDs, Powerpoint and other presentations, e-mail, advertising and Internet streaming.
Output Windows and Macintosh projector files for easy distribution on CD.
Prepare your video for email with a click of the mouse.
Output an HTML page to play your video automatically.

Output audio and video have watermarks.

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