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Flash Quiz is a robust flash card-based studying/quizzing application.

License: Trial
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1184K
Developer: Likely Software
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Updated: 02 Apr 2006
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Flash Quiz is a robust flash card-based studying/quizzing application. It features tools for students as well as teachers.

Flash Quiz enables you to create unlimited flash card sets with unlimited flash cards contained within.

Here are some key features of "Flash Quiz":
Quiz yourself in three ways: Study Session, Graded Quiz, Graded Multiple Choice Quiz (with 2 - 5 choices). Place the cards in forward, backward, or random order.
Quiz yourself forwards and backwards in Jeopardy mode, where the fronts and backs of the flash cards are reversed.
Download user-created flash card sets via the Study Center.
Contact online dictionaries for word definitions, bible study, atomic elements information and more.
User-customizable importing of card data - import from flatfile databases, for example.
Drag-and-drop loading of downloaded card sets
Generate printable short answer or multiple choice quizzes with answer keys.

Trial period on Flash Quiz

What's New:
New, incredibly low price! ($6.00)
Full unicode support for editing/quizzing (no support yet for unicode in printable quizzes/study sheets, but soon!)
Check off cards that you are sure you know to make for faster quizzing
When editing sets, arrow keys will move cursor up and down in the list and tab key will jump from front to back
Shift + up arrow will move a card up one level when editing sets, shift + down arrow will move card down
Full keyboard automation in quiz mode (number keys select corresponding multiple choice selections).

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