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A Better Finder Info A Better Finder Info 1.1.1
A Better Finder Info is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which supplements the Finder's "Get Info.
Finder Flags Finder Flags 2.0
Finder Flags is a CodeWarrior plugin which allows you to set the Finder flags of the build output.
CS Finder Module CS Finder Module 1.0.2
CS Finder is a module designed for use with Ambrosia Software's utility, ColorSwitch Pro.
Finder Master Finder Master 1.0
Finder Master is an AppleScript application to quit and relaunch the Finder which was written in response to a buggy and poorly designed 1 MB program which does the same thing.
Blind Blind 1.0
Blind unhides hidden files in Finder on a very easy way: You have just to launch the app.
Free Picture Finder Free Picture Finder 3.5
Picture finder, image downloader, pic grabb: search and download images on web
Remove Finder Comment Remove Finder Comment 1.0
Remove Finder Comment is an AppleScript droplet that when receives a file it removes the Finder's comment on it.
Finder Cut & Paste Finder Cut & Paste 0.1
Many Windows users are used to cutting and pasting files, something the Mac OS X Finder does not allow.
Finder Action Pack Finder Action Pack 1.0
Finder Action Pack includes Automator actions for performing time saving tasks in the Finder.
finder quit finder quit 1.01
finder quit will fix a problem in MacOS 8 which occasionally occurs after mounting an AppleShare volume.

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