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FileMaker Automator Actions allow a FileMaker Pro user running Tiger OS X 10.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 4902K
Developer: FileMaker, Inc.
Price: $0.00
Updated: 05 Apr 2006
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FileMaker Automator Actions allow a FileMaker Pro user running Tiger OS X 10.4 to easily create a workflow that includes Automator Actions. Automator Actions can be based on FileMaker scripts, FileMaker database operations, or Actions for other applications.

• FileMaker Automator Actions allow easy access and management of data directly from your desktop using
• You can easily create custom workflows by dragging items from the Automator Actions Library to the
Automator Window.
• FileMaker Automator Actions can be combined with Automator Actions from other applications.
• Once a workflow is created, it can be saved for subsequent access or modification.

FileMaker Automator Actions are delivered as a compressed FileMaker Pro Action Pack (FileMaker Pro Action contained in the file. Double-click the FileMaker Pro Action Pack zip file to create an application that automatically populates the Automator Library with the initial set of FileMaker Automator Actions.

When running with FileMaker Pro 8, as recommended, this FileMaker Pro Action Pack should be placed in the same folder as the FileMaker Pro application (the default installation is to your desktop, so the FileMaker Pro Action Pack should be moved to the FileMaker Pro 8 folder in your Applications directory). If running with version 7 of the FileMaker database products this FileMaker Pro Action Pack application can be installed on the desktop or in any folder. includes the following files:
Readme_Automator.pdf (this readme file)
A FileMaker Pro Action Pack (FileMaker Pro Action with the following FileMaker Automator Actions:
Find FileMaker Pro Items
Close Database
Get IDs of Current Records
Get Record Data
Go to Layout
Perform FileMaker Script Show All Records
Show Matching Records
Sort Records
Filter FileMaker Pro Items
Add Images to Database
Format Record Data
Open Databases
Show Database
Show Records
A FileMaker Automator Publishing Demo installer (FM-Automator Publishing Demo with the
following contents [Note: Automator must be closed to install the two publishing Actions and Adobe InDesign
must be installed to run the demo]
Installer to load the Publish to InDesign Pict Frames and Publish to InDesign Text Frames Actions
Demo Material (FileMaker Pro database with sample records, InDesign template, demo instructions, and
the Xcode project files used to create these two publishing Actions)
Another separate installer for the temporary storage Actions (Temporary Storage Actions [Note:
Automator must be closed to install these additional Actions]
Software Developer Toolkit (
o Folder with Xcode project files and supporting material used to create the FileMaker Automator Actions
(includes supporting material for Actions except the separately installed temporary storage Actions).
Datagraph_AA_EULA.pdf (Software License for FileMaker Automator Actions) .

FileMaker Automator Actions are recommended for use with FileMaker Pro 8, FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced, or FileMaker Server 8 Advanced, although they may also be used with version 7 of these database products
Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”
Adobe InDesign CS2 (required for the two Publish to InDesign Actions).

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