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Electric Field Electric Field 2.01
An excellent tool for visualizing electric field and equipotential lines.
YP Electric Field YP Electric Field 1.0
YP Electric Field simulates up to 26 point charges (located in the same plane) and draws the lines of force, the equipotential lines and the electric field vectors in the area surrounding the electric charges.
Mobile Lines Mobile Lines 1.2.2
Put 5 colored balls in one line and get score points.
Lines Deluxe Lines Deluxe 1.0
Lines Deluxe is a terrific colorful new remake of the old classic Lines game.
Autumn Lines Autumn Lines 1.0
Autumn Lines is a nice logic game of the "5-in-line" kind.
Franklin Franklin 1.7
Software for plotting electric field lines and equipotential surfaces around point charges.
PocketLines PocketLines 0.11
Pocket PC -compatible remake of the famous Color Lines game.
IE Count Text IE Count Text 1.0
Counts text in any form field on any page from IE context menu.
Picture Lines Picture Lines 1.2
The Lines game with new game idea and original interface.
LinesKiller5 LinesKiller5 4.11
Only You and Lines Killer can rescue the world.

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