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Fast Folder & Command Fast Folder & Command 1.0
Jump to your favorite folders in one second...
HSLAB Force Down HSLAB Force Down 2.5.12
Fast and Smart Shutdown Windows by different ways.
Fast Folder Access Fast Folder Access 2.0
Quick jump to your favorite folders and preview image in the context menu.
Fast Folder Rename Fast Folder Rename 1.5
Rename your folders by dragging and dropping!
Folder Guide Folder Guide 1.2
Handy utility that provides fast access to your frequently used folders.
Hack to the Past Hack to the Past II
Hack to the Past II will bring back the shortcut key combo, Command + N, for creating a New Folder before Apple (Hello, McFly, anybody in there?), in their infinite wisdom, switched it to Command + Shift + N.
Folder_Codes Folder_Codes 1.0
Folder_Codes is a tab-delimited list of all the four-byte codes that can be used with the "path to" scripting addition command.
Virex Folder Scan Scripts Virex Folder Scan Scripts 1.0.1
Virex Folder Scan Scripts is a set of scripts that are a folder action that talk to the command line component of Virex 7.
RM -R Plugin RM -R Plugin 1.0
FTP normally won't allow you to delete a folder if the folder is not empty.
Backup timer Backup timer 1.0
Backup timer is an AppleScript that simpley backs up a folder daily.

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