Fairies 1.4b review

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Fairies takes you to a world where legends are true and magic is real.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: FunPause
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Price: $19.00
Updated: 04 Aug 2006
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Fairies takes you to a world where legends are true and magic is real.
As the most powerful wizard ever known, you are the only hope for a once peaceful land where fairies have been captured by an unknown evil. Complete 100 mesmerizing levels, break the magical spell that traps the fairies inside pictures, and restore justice to this world in need. You will be a hero, and be granted the ultimate power. Use it wisely!
Immerse yourself for hours as you travel across five increasingly challenging landscapes. Match fairies to free them and win over the forces of evil that try to lock you down. Stop and restart playing or try any of the four game modes at will.
Fairies features personalized player profiles and automatic game saving. Clear a level over a quick break or dive in for hours of fun!

Here are some key features of "Fairies":
100 mesmerizing levels
4 different game modes
Unlimited play time
Individual player profiles
Spectacular power-ups
From the makers of Atlantis.

Total play time of 1 hour only
Limited number of levels.

What's New:
Includes various fixes including a critical fix for Mac OS X 10.3.

G4 667 Mhz
128 MB RAM.

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