External IP Checker 1.0 review

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Sometimes you need to know your IP address.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Koert
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Updated: 02 Dec 2005
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Sometimes you need to know your IP address. When you're behind a router, on a LAN, the computer will only show you the local (LAN) IP in the Settings window etc.

External IP Checker shows your EXTERNAL IP address (the IP from the WAN side), and provides a button to copy it to the clipboard.

I've made this app because I have a dynamic IP and sometimes want to give people temporary acces to my Mac. Then, I need to know the WAN IP and I have to "surf" to my router's status page and log into it everytime to check my WAN IP. With this app, you get the same in a few seconds.

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