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Clipboard Extender Clipboard Extender 2.02
Use Clipboard Extensions to store/organize any number of clipboards permanently!
ExtensionsTracker ExtensionsTracker 1.1
Often, we don't know the content of our Extensions folder, because many programs install their own extensions and control panels that creates conflicts with other applications.
Web Kitchen for Dreamweaver Web Kitchen for Dreamweaver 1.1
Polished suite of 17 extensions for Dreamweaver or Ultradev
Managed extensions for VCL Managed extensions for VCL 2.00
Components suite for .Net interop for Delphi Win32 and C++ Builder
Picture String Extensions Picture String Extensions 1.0
The Picture String Extensions module extends the Picture and String classes with methods to add converting a picture to or from a string.
Extension Toy Extension Toy 1.0
Extension Toy is a small AppleScript which enables you to hide or show file extensions in a specified folder.
Scaxion Scaxion 1.0.3
Scaxion is an application utility for appending file extensions (only if needed) to PNG, PICT, JPEG, etc.
ShellExView ShellExView 2.01
Displays the details of shell extensions installed on your computer.
HarePoint Workflow Extensions HarePoint Workflow Extensions 1.5.451
180 new ready-to-use activities bring new functionality for SharePoint workflow
DialExtension DialExtension 1.0.1
This product allows users of the Asterisk PBX to easily display a list of extensions in a small company and then dial them without having to use the limited directory on the phone or having to remember phone extensions.