EV Ultra 1.6.2 review

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EVUltra is a plugin for Ambrosia Software's (and Matt Burch's) Escape Velocity.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 4305K
Developer: Theo Howell
Price: $0.00
Updated: 23 Dec 2005
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EVUltra is a plugin for Ambrosia Software's (and Matt Burch's) Escape Velocity. One of the more interesting and addictive shareware games to take the stage circa 1996-97. If you hadn't guessed by [that] date this software is for older MacOS computers (when MacOS X and the very first bondi iMac had only then been announced), so this package will really only be of interest to people who are still getting by on a computer from that era (and still playing the game) or who simply like to collect this kind of stuff for nostalgia reasons. If you are such a person then I am happy to have re-released the plugin for you again.

EV Ultra adds the follwoing enhancements:

• New Graphics: Replaces all existing ship, station, and planet sprites, and more. As well as new graphics for new items in the plug-in.
• New Missions: Around 60 new missions to undertake. Save the galaxy and rack up the credits...
• New Systems: Over 100 new systems to explore.
• New Ships: 15 all new ships. Some are available to the player and some are not. Also there a few additional versions of existing ships.
• New Weapons: 16 new weapons. Again some are available to player and some are not.
• New Aliens: 2 new Alien governments.

EV Ultra continues right where the original EV left off. Just drop it into the plug-ins folder of EV. EV Ultra does not replace the existing EV Universe it simply expands upon it. To access the new missions and systems in EV Ultra you must complete the Rebel/Confed alien missions first.

You do not have to start a new pilot file. EV Ultra will work fine with existing EV pilots (if they have no weapons or ships from other 3rd part plugs).

EV Ultra is compatible with Escape Velocity v1.05.

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