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Equation Wizard Equation Wizard 1.21
Automatically solves algebraic equations of any order written in any form
PDF Equation PDF Equation 0.7
PDF Equation gives you quick access to LaTeX's typesetting power in almost every Mac OS X application.
Equation Service Equation Service 1.0
Equation Service is a program that uses pdflatex to produce small PDF files containing equations and other text.
Chemical Equation Expert Chemical Equation Expert 2.12a
Chemical Equation Expert is an integrated tool for chemistry professionals
AI Brushes for Illustrator AI Brushes for Illustrator 1.0
AI Brushes for Illustrator is a selection of sampler brushes (as a display of the full/complete set of brushes for Illustrator available from the graphicxtras.
Illustrator TrueType/PostScript Converter Illustrator TrueType/PostScript Converter 1.0
Illustrator TrueType/PostScript Converter will open an Adobe Illustrator file and change all TrueType font references to PostScript, or from PS to TT.
NCS MagiSign Update NCS MagiSign Update 1.9.3
MagiSign allows you to create custom signs in 4 simple steps using Adobe Illustrator CS.
Panopticum Array for Illustrator Panopticum Array for Illustrator 1.0
Panopticum Array 1.
Starburst Starburst 1.1
Starburst is a Star design plugin for Adobe (r) Illustrator (r) CS2 CS1 10.
Illustrator's Assistant Illustrator's Assistant 1.2.9
Illustrator's Assistant is an utility program that prints as a reference page for your art file any EPS file or an Adobe Illustrator file saved without a header (through version 5.

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