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Introductory English Grammar and Vocabulary with Color Key by Pronunciation Power ( www.

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Introductory English Grammar and Vocabulary with Color Key by Pronunciation Power ( www.englishelearning.com ) Available in 10 languages English Computerized Learning, producers of the world renowned Pronunciation Power line of products, presents a new grammar and vocabulary program for beginner English learners.
This program, which uses the unique Color Key, will help students learn and remember the English skills they need for basic communication in English.

Here are some key features of "English Grammar Vocabulary with Color Key":
Every word has a Color for the part of speech that it represents.
The students will be able to learn word position simply by remembering what part of speech each color represents!
This interactive, user-friendly program is available in 10 languages. It contains 20 Units of grammar lessons, 690 words, 577 pictures and 235 exercises. Each language can be selected by starting at our front language page at www.englishlearning.com.
The Color Key is easy to remember – all nouns are blue, all pronouns are green, verbs are black and so on.
The students begin the easy, effective process of learning English simply by choosing their language of instruction and then clicking on a Lesson and reviewing the Vocabulary for that lesson.
All of the words used in each of the Lesson and Exercise units are listed under “Vocabulary” in the Lesson section. These are the words the students must learn for the lesson.
The students can click on a word in the Vocabulary list to get information, a picture and translation for that word. If the word is a verb they will get the conjugations of the verb listed in the order of present tense, present continuous, past and past participles for irregular verbs.
If the word is a noun they will get the plural form of that noun. After completing the Lesson, the students can test themselves by trying the exercises for the lesson. Their score is automatically given to them when they complete the exercise.
A Pre and Post grammar and vocabulary test is available on our web site. www.englishlearning.com
Also available on the web site are interactive demos for the entire line of Pronunciation Power products which are used worldwide to help individuals improve their English pronunciation.

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