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EasyEclipse for Python development.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: EasyEclipse team and nexB
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Updated: 18 Dec 2006
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EasyEclipse for Python development.

WARNING: The PyDev plugin will not work if there are spaces in the installation path. The best solution is:

* On MacOSX, rename the EasyEclipse application to remove spaces. For example, change Eclipse for Python to Eclipse-for-Python.

This distribution includes the following plugins:

Core components:

* Eclipse Platform 3.2.1 - Shared platform services from Eclipse.
* Eclipse Tools 3.2.1 - Common libraries for various Eclipse projects.
* Java for Windows - Run Java application on Sun Java(tm) runtime, packaged for Eclipse use. (Windows only)
* Java for Linux - Run Java application on Sun Java(tm) runtime, packaged for Eclipse use. (Linux only)

Tools for general Java development:

* Eclipse Java Development Tools 3.2.1 - Edit, compile, run, debug, test, refactor, document and deploy Java applications.

Some essential utilities:

* AnyEdit Tools - Useful right-click menus in editors: "Open file under cursor", "Open type under cursor", et cetera.
* Eclipse Utils Plugins - Save the cursor position of editors when closing and re-opening a file. Access common team actions with explorer buttons.
* Color Editor 1.2.4 - Edit with syntax highlighting over 100+ file formats.

IDE for Python development:
* PyDev 1.2.4 - Edit, run, debug and refactor Python and Jython applications.

Version Control tools (note that CVS support is included in the Eclipse Platform):
* Subclipse 1.1.8 - Access and manage Subversion repositories within Eclipse.

Getting started

"Getting Started" documentation is available for the following included plugins:

* Eclipse Platform
* Eclipse Tools
* Eclipse Java Development Tools
* Eclipse Utils Plugins
* Color Editor
* PyDev
* Subclipse

For the other plugins, you are welcome to suggest a getting started. Thanks !

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