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DynamicStructure is a plugin that lets 4D developers dynamically get and set properties and contents of objects in the structure.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.
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Updated: 01 Jan 2006
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DynamicStructure is a plugin that lets 4D developers dynamically get and set properties and contents of objects in the structure.

It is a very powerful tool useful to all 4D developers. DynamicStructure covers a lot of features that can not be accessed currently with the 4D language or any other tool available to the 4D market.

DynamicStructure allows for functionality from automatic documentation to dynamic manipulation of objects.

Here are some key features of "DynamicStructure":
Get a list of project methods;
Create, rename, and open project methods;
Get and set the contents (the code!) of project methods;
Tokenize and execute tokenized 4D code;

Get a list of forms;
Duplicate forms;
Get and set events forms respond to;
Get and set form rulers, menubar, and methods (the code!);
Get full form properties (e.g. sizing, platform, spacing, etc.);

Tables and fields
Get and set table trigger states;
Set table names, deletion control, color, and position;
Set field names, type, color, properties, and attributes;

Get and set default window image;
Get and set menu titles, menu item titles, and associated project methods;

Get and set all global database properties;
Get and reassign default methods (e.g. On Startup, On Web Connection, etc.);
Get and set style sheets and all properties of style sheets;
Get and set filters;

Get all lists names;
Get and set user modifiability of lists;
Get list of components;
Get and set all object comments;
Get and set tips.

What's New:
Bug Fixes:
ds_GetPluginNames stopped parsing active plugins when it reached a plugin with no name (typically a "stub" plugin);
ds_GetObjectMethodIDs and ds_GetObjectMethodIDs failed in parsing "old" forms (forms built with versions of 4D < v6) with a bad error number; now, in this case, those routines return error kUnknownFormFormat (-30315) or kAtLeastOneUnknownFormFormat (-30316); note that you can just open the form and force 4D to save it again, 4D will convert it to the v6 format;
ds_GetObjectComments did not always return the correct text if the comment contained styles.
ds_GetStyleSheets sometimes returned "garbage" when the chosen font was "System Font" or "Application Font".
ds_GetObjectMethodIDs did not return information about variables or fields included in a group, and did not differentiate between process and interprocess variables.

New Features:
ds_GetObjectComments and ds_SetObjectComments accept an additional parameter: a BLOB for the style of the comment, if there is one. This style can be used with 4D Write, via the clipboard.
ds_GetObjectMethodIDs accepts an additional optional parameter: an array (synchronized with previous ones) holding the number of the page where the variable/field is.
ds_SetStyleSheet: it is possible to set the style sheet to "System Font", "Application Font" or "Small System Font" using special chars under 6.7.
ds_GetStyleSheets and ds_SetStyleSheet accept additional parameters on Mac OS X and 4D 6.8 to use new stylesheets.

New Routines:
ds_GetPluginNames returns a list of every installed plugin, including ones in the Mac4DX or Win4DX folder.
ds_GetPluginRoutines returns a list of a plugin routines.
ds_GetFormObjectMethodIDs works similar to ds_GetObjectMethodIDs but limited to a single form.
ds_Preferences Allows the developer to change the behavior of DynamicStructure on slow computers.

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