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DVDAfterEdit is a professional application designed to augment and expand the capabilities of your existing DVD authoring system.

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Updated: 17 Feb 2006
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DVDAfterEdit is a professional application designed to augment and expand the capabilities of your existing DVD authoring system. Its unique feature-set offers a wealth of functionality at all levels of authoring complexity, from entry-level right up to Scenarist Pro and beyond.

DVDAfterEdit is a powerful editing tool that enables digital video producers to modify previously authored DVD's in order to add functionality or correct errors prior to mastering.

It's simple interface unfolds the underlying command structure of the DVD and gives you detailed precise control of all aspects of the specification.

Here are some key features of "DVDAfterEdit":
Trace through menu navigation, watching the navigation commands as they are executed, as well as watching the DVD's System and General Parameters as they are changed by the commands. When navigation reaches a menu or track, watch the video or still and use the on-screen remote to choose a button or other remote function, directing navigation to another part of the DVD.
Modify a command, trace backwards to that command, and immediately see the result of the change. Learn how the DVD commands work by direct observation.
See the entire structure of a DVD at a glance in the left pane of the main window. Click on a structure and see its contents in the right pane, including a video preview. Drill down through the structures to the lowest level, where you can see the tiniest navigation details, down to the Navigation Pack level.
Modify many important values in these structures as described in our user manual and tutorials. Usually these are very simple changes, such as changing the region coding, enabling or prohibiting user operations, or changing button colors. Sometimes they are to fix errors created by the authoring system. This is not a "change anything at your own risk" editing system; only fields that can be legitimately changed are editable.
Perform project-wide validation such as "Check All Commands For Errors", "Reset Seamless Playback to Rule", and "Validate and Regenerate Time Maps".
Copy All the commands to a text file. Delete all of the commands, and replace some or all of them with the commands from a text file. For example, this would allow you to easily propagate the entire command structure of one video object (VOB) to another.
Import video objects (VOBs) from different DVD's, or from your favorite authoring application, and put them together with DVDAfterEdit. This includes substituting your own assets within Template projects supplied by us or our contributors, such as the 24 Clip Playlist and many of our tutorials.
Check how a DVD's data is physically allocated with the Disc Layout Graph. The graph represents all the files in the project proper (spec files), and shows the positions of the .IFO and .VOB files.
Burn a DVD with Toast or other 3rd party burning application from the edited DVD (VIDEO_TS folder) produced by DVDAfterEdit. Burning may be performed on any platform.
Pre-Master final DVD builds for replication, optionally including CSS and Macrovision, on DLT (digital linear tape) or in DDP format on hard drive.
Restore a DLT to an editable VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive. This includes tapes marked for encryption, but not those in which the original author applied the encryption directly to the tape.

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