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DUY EverPack is a native bundle of 5 plug-ins for MAS, RTAS, VST, Audiosuite & Premiere.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1K
Developer: DUY
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Updated: 09 Jun 2006
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DUY EverPack is a native bundle of 5 plug-ins for MAS, RTAS, VST, Audiosuite & Premiere. All these plug-ins can be simultaneously installed on the same machine. The included plug-ins are: Z-Room reverb, DaD Valve, DUY Shape, Max DUY and DUY Wide.

Z-Room gives you an entirely new approach to stereo reverb, with the following features:
• 64-bit processing produces high-quality density and diffusion for unparalleled sound quality
• Total control over parameters never before available to the user, with a friendly and intuitive user interface
• Deluxe mode for maximum sound quality; Economy mode frees processing time; Earlies mode enhances the effect of Early Reflections
• Exclusive Rehearsal Mode allows you to set parameters while listening to the real impulse response of the reverb. An unprecedented tool to evaluate the quality of the reverb
• Early Reflection presets (reverse, gate, hall, room, etc.) can be adjusted with Stretch and Pre-delay parameters
• Computer processing bandwidth is automatically freed when you choose not to include Early Reflections
• Independent mixing for each of the three bands, as well as for the Direct, Early Reflections and Reverb signals
• Total control over iteration depth; 6 levels of calculation
• Z-Room is the only reverb that allows you to control the time base of the reverbs algorithm
• Visualization of the Direct, Early Reflections and Reverb signals in the time domain
• Over 50 presets are included
• Supported platforms by Z-Room included in EverPack: MAS, RTAS, AS and VST

DaD Valve:
DaD Valve is a physical-modelling-based classic tube simulator for digital audio systems, featuring the most popular types of valves -triode, tetrode and pentode- with a full range of biasing and operating levels.

DUY Shape:
DUY Shape is a sound enhancer featuring 3-band smooth filters with full audio range continuous crossover points and 3 independent user-defined shapers with virtually infinite resolution accuracy.

DUY Wide:
DUY Wide is a stereo and multichannel spatial enhancer, which allows widening of the stereo image, as well as sound placement outside the physical speaker locations. DUY Wide is mono-compatible.

Max DUY:
Max DUY is a sound level maximizer based on DUY's exclusive ILO algorithm, featuring seamless level maximizing, zero harmonic distortion even at low frequencies and release-free operation.

What's New:
OS 9.1 compatibility.

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