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Assemble and control a party of up to eight heroes at a time as you battle your way through the seamless and expansive 3D world of Ehb.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: MacSoft
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Updated: 04 Apr 2005
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Assemble and control a party of up to eight heroes at a time as you battle your way through the seamless and expansive 3D world of Ehb. From warriors and archers to wizards, and even Packmules to carry your treasure, you and your party will wreak vengeance on an ancient evil. Whether you're playing alone or in multiplayer mode, victory is within your grasp. Let the battles begin.

Travel alone or assemble a band of up to eight heroes to face the dark forces at work in the Kingdom of Ehb. Each member of your party can be set to react differently to any given combat situation and each will fall into a formation of your choosing at your whim. Combine the many skills of the characters within your party to create a powerful troop whose might in battle is greater than the sum of the individuals.

Here are some key features of "Dungeon Siege":
Using the custom built Siege Engine continuous world technology, the only loading screen you will ever see is when you load up the game. After that you can seamlessly travel all over the Kingdom of Ehb without waiting for a new area to load. This also includes traveling from the lush outdoors into the darkest dungeon, since as you enter the dungeon the outside will slowly fade away as the dungeon walls fade in, all in real time.
Walking down a thick forest path in the early morning fog and rain, you may come upon a bustling town where quests can easily take you from freezing ice caverns with a frosty mist rolling down the glacial walls to the canyons of a desert lit by visible rays of sunlight. Dwarven mines, snowy winter towns, murky swamps, and dungeons filled with gruesome creatures will all unfold as you seek to find the source of the recent uprising that has torn the Kingdom of Ehb apart.
Human players can become companions in a traveling party and compete head-to-head against other human opponents. Mac players can play with or against each other over a local area network or the Internet. The multiplayer portion of Dungeon Siege allows players to play through the entire single-player world and the huge Utraean Peninsula multiplayer campaign either alone or with friends. The Utraean Peninsula is considerably larger and contains a unique storyline and accompanying quests that takes an adventurous band of up to eight players across the vast expanses to locate the eight stones of Utrae.

Any Macintosh with 450Mhz or faster processor, at least 256MB of RAM, 16MB video card, and Mac OS X.

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