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The rabbits of Eastwarren have always been unusually intelligent.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 10162K
Developer: Rabidlab
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Updated: 26 Dec 2006
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The rabbits of Eastwarren have always been unusually intelligent. While other animals stole crops from humans, they watched and learned to grow their own. They prospered for many years by planting vegetable patches in forest clearings.
Then, one autumn day, the impossible occurred.

Anvils began to rain from the sky! Fearing for their lives, the rabbits fled from the fields, leaving the crops to languish. They cowered in their burrows, struggling to understand this cruel twist of fate.

Faced with starvation, Eastwarren's greatest minds met to devise a strategy for surviving the relentless anvil storm. In collaboration with gopher engineers, they developed a set of highly advanced harvesting equipment. These tools, they explained, would in theory allow a very quick and brave rabbit to endure the anvil onslaught indefinitely.

Only one such rabbit volunteered.
Can one brave bunny feed the entire warren? Who is behind the anvil storm, and why? Join the intrepid Harvester of Eastwarren and find out!

Mac OS 10.2 or higher
G3 500 MHz or higher
64 MB available RAM
20 MB available hard disk space
Internet connection (for initial purchase and registration only)

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