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DiskSpy Solid is a more advanced version of DiskSpy.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Nick Zitzmann
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Updated: 17 Aug 2006
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DiskSpy Solid is a more advanced version of DiskSpy. In addition to giving users a "software disk LED" that shows local disk reads and writes in the menu bar, DiskSpy Solid also shows network activity in the menu bar.

DiskSpy Solid will show when a read or write is occurring on any active physical network interface. Some possible uses include watching reads and writes to network disks (including Apple's iDisk service, AFP/NFS/Samba/WebDAV disks, and FTP servers), watching a program use the network, or simply testing to see if a connection is working.

DiskSpy Solid has several advantages over other programs that have a similar feature. Many other programs that show network traffic use the command line utility Netstat, which means they may use more CPU time, they are dependent on a program that runs with super-user privileges, they are often fooled by loopback and pipe traffic, and they don't get information in real time. DiskSpy Solid has none of these problems.

Until it is registered, it will automatically quit at a completely random time interval.

What's New:
Removed Mac OS X 10.1.x support.
Removed PPP mode, which was really only useful under Mac OS X 10.1.x.
Updated contact information, finally.
Fixed a bug where sometimes the icons got "stuck" in one position and the program would not work correctly until it was relaunched.
DiskSpy now runs at full speed on Intel processors.

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