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Hair Types Hair Types 5.7
Determining Your Hair Type.
WattchIT WattchIT 1.5.1
WattchIT was designed to provide a means of determining how much it costs to operate a particular electrical device.
fovCalculator fovCalculator 1.0.3
fovCalculater is handy application for determining the number of photos necessary to make a panorama.
Alcohol Calculator Alcohol Calculator 1.0
Alcohol Calculator is an application which aids brewers in quickly determining the alcohol content of their fermentations.
Boardfoot Calculator Boardfoot Calculator 1.2
Boardfoot Calculator is an easy to use tool for determining material requirements of both small and large woodworking projects.
iPodTimer iPodTimer 1.0
iPodTimer is a utility for determining the playing time for Apple iPods, or any MP3 device.
NetSupport Page NetSupport Page 2.0.5
NetSupport Page is a freeware applicationdesigned to aid network support personnel andend users in determining the current and paststatus of their AppleTalk and TCP/IP network.
ScanCalc ScanCalc 1.7
ScanCalc is a handy utility for determining the size of scanned images.
Radius Benchmarking/Testing Tool Radius Benchmarking/Testing Tool 1.0
Radius Benchmarking/Testing Tool is an application to send rapid authentication requests to a Radius server.
Loan Calculator X Loan Calculator X 2.3
Loan Calculator is a simple, easy to use application that computes periodic loan payments on fully amortized loans given the amount borrowed, the interest rate, the length of the loan, and the payment frequency.

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