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ColorSync AppleScript Demo ColorSync AppleScript Demo 1.0
ColorSync AppleScript Demo is a group of four scripts to show how AppleScript can be used with ColorSync.
Unreal Tournament Demo Fix Unreal Tournament Demo Fix 2003
Unreal Tournament Demo Fix lets UT2003 demo dedicated servers host for retail UT2003 clients on any operating system.
WINventory Library Demo WINventory Library Demo 1.0
Demonstrate powerful capabiliries of collecting PC hardware and software setting
VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.5
Fingerprint recognition technology demo for PC, works with readers and files
Airquace SMS-Scheduler Demo Airquace SMS-Scheduler Demo 1.0
SMS Marketing Software, via PC
Process Sleep Demo Process Sleep Demo 1.0
Process Sleep Demo is a class (not a plugin) that uses Threads and Semaphores in order to allow a routine to put itself to sleep until some other code awakes the routine again so that it continues in its flow.
IntelliPrompter IntelliPrompter 1.5
The developer's site states: "The demo can only scroll for 15 seconds at a time, but is otherwise feature complete.
GLHexen 2 GLHexen 2 1.1b3
GLHexen 2 is a port of the original 3 level demo.
Java Platform Invoke API (Demo version) Java Platform Invoke API (Demo version) 2.01.04
Java Platform Invoke API (Demo version) for MS Windows
Tanida Demo Builder Tanida Demo Builder
Create high quality software presentations, demonstrations and tutorials.

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