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Raising Dead Raising Dead 1.7
You run through cities or catacombs, gunning the dead to rescue the world.
dead.licious dead.licious 1.11
DH_Reincarnation DH_Reincarnation 1.0
Dead pixels on DV cameras is an annoying problem, especially if the footage is irreplacable.
Dead Field Dead Field 1.1
Dead Field is an arcade game where you kill troopers running across the field on the screen.
AM-DeadLink AM-DeadLink 4.7
checks Browser-Bookmarks for dead links and duplicates
iTunes Dead Links Cleaner iTunes Dead Links Cleaner 1.0.1
iTunes Dead Links Cleaner is a script which deletes music files that are still listed in the music library yet whose original tracks no longer exist.
Cute Dead Icons Cute Dead Icons 1.0
Cute Dead Icons is an icon set (obviousely) which presents many scarry, goth, creepy but cute characters.
Dead or Alive Dead or Alive 1.0
Dead or Alive searches online newspapers for obituaries of people that have passed away.
Pixinator Pixinator 1.2
Pixinator is a simple tool to aid in identifying dead or stuck pixels in an LCD screen.
RIPchat RIPchat 0.9b
I'm beginning to fear this is a dead project.

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