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Auto Window Manager Auto Window Manager 2.0
Resize programs automatically,transparent windows,minimize to tray,stay on top.
UCustomWindow UCustomWindow 1.0
UCustomWindow is a complete toolkit to integrate custom windows into your PowerPlant project.
Custom Calendar Class Custom Calendar Class 2.1
Custom Calendar Class is a Calendar Class for Realbasic.
Single-Window Application Single-Window Application 1.0
Single-Window Application is a (nearly) complete template for building a single-window application mainly targeted for OS X.
Custom Login Message Custom Login Message 1.0
Custom Login Message Jaguar is an Applescript Studio application that can be used to quickly edit the com.
File WIZ File WIZ 1.1
File WIZ can edit the File Type and Creator for MacOS files.
Mini FontViewer Mini FontViewer 1.3.4
Mini FontViewer - a program made with REALbasic®, will give you the basic features of FontViewer like sizes up to 36 pt and custom text examples.
Custom Application Buttons Custom Application Buttons 1.1
Custom Application Buttons is a customizable button class for REALbasic.
Mini FV Mini FV 1.3.4
Mini FontViewer is a program made with REALbasic, will give you the basic features of FontViewer, such as font sizes up to 36 pt and custom text examples and the more versatile FontViewer slideshow.
Amazing Custom Calendar Maker Amazing Custom Calendar Maker 1.31
Create photo and regular calendars easily!

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