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OptionsStrike OptionsStrike 1.0
Calculates the current value of stock options.
Webmizzle Webmizzle 2.3c
Webmizzle is a simple tool for monitoring current weather conditions worldwide
Save to Current Folder Save to Current Folder 1.0
Save to Current Folder is a small Enourage AppleScript which enables the user to save the current draft message as a new (incoming) message into the current folder.
Current Language On Mouse Current Language On Mouse 1.0
Shows language(keyboard layout) for current program under mouse cursor.
AstroTimes AstroTimes 2.04
AstroTimes widget displays the current Universal Time, the Local Sidereal Time, the current Julian Date and the current Modified Julian Date.
Subscribe to Current OmniWeb Page in NetNewsWire Subscribe to Current OmniWeb Page in NetNewsWire 1.0
Subscribe to Current OmniWeb Page in NetNewsWire is a simple script for your script menu.
InFold InFold 1.2.2
InFold is an AppleScript Studio application that displays information about your current Folding home unit.
ITunes Current Song Menu ITunes Current Song Menu 2.1
ITunes Current Song Menu allows you to display the song currently played by iTunes (and other information) in the menu bar and to search for the lyrics of this song.
iRate iRate 1.4
iRate is a tiny widget that rates the current song playing in iTunes.
YAiC YAiC 1.3
YAiC occupies very little space on the screen, showing the current song scrolling across the window.

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