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CryptoQuote is a word puzzle game which contains hundreds of quotes! CryptoQuote makes solving these puzzles fun and easy.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 854K
Developer: John Haney
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Updated: 27 Jul 2006
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CryptoQuote is a word puzzle game which contains hundreds of quotes!
CryptoQuote makes solving these puzzles fun and easy.

Taking advantage of your Mac to provide features which make it easier than working on paper! Work the included puzzles, grab the puzzle of the day from, or paste one in from another source. The fun never ends!

Here are some key features of "CryptoQuote":
Selecting one letter selects all of them in the puzzle for easy reference.
One way to solve puzzles is to drag-and-drop solution letters. As you hover over a scrambled letter, CryptoQuote highlights all the letters that correspond.
Colors are used to help solve the puzzle. The green letters are hints which CryptoQuote filled in. Blue letters are your standard guesses at solutions. Red letters show that the same solution letter is used somewhere else.
In the situation of the picture above, notice that the left sidebar shows the solution and scrambled letter matching the "blue" letter O. The sidebar helps to quickly see which solution letters have already been used.
Having trouble? Get a hint. Hints give you one single letter solution. Some may prefer to get a hint at the beginning as is commonly done with the newspaper puzzles.
Solved! CryptoQuote gives you positive feedback and a nicely formatted version of the solution once you get everything right. And the next puzzle is just waiting for you...
The word search lets you query for words matching the pattern. You enter letters for known letters, and numbers in the patterns that match the scrambled letters. For instance, this query 12r314y means the first and fifth letters are unknown, but are the same letter.
The word search results show four solutions. Probably not firefly or wireway in this case...
Letter Frequencies give you another way to analyze puzzles. You can compare the frequencies of letters in the puzzle with the set of standard frequencies for the English language.
The Game menu has options for resetting the work you have done on a puzzle, entering a puzzle from some other source, entering a quote (to create your own puzzle), and playing the puzzle of the day from
The tools menu is where you can get hints, give up, or find the word search and letter frequency tools.
Preferences let you change the default colors, and adjust how CryptoQuote behaves when you are solving.

What's New:
BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where you might not be able to move on after completing a puzzle when using the mouse to solve.
BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where the above situation would cause the "Get Hint" option to stall.
Next Puzzle anytime. Removed the restriction so you can choose Next Puzzle at any time to mark the current puzzle completed and move on.
BUG FIX: Fixed a problem in 1.4.1 with loading the puzzle library from 1.4 version.

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