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Coded X-Word Coded X-Word 1.0
Complete the cross word by substituting numbers with letters.
Kakuro Quest Kakuro Quest 1.0
Kakuro Quest puzzles resemble crosswords or Cross Sums which use numbers instead of words.
Windows-to-RaspberryPi Cross-Compiler Windows-to-RaspberryPi Cross-Compiler 1.0
Cross-compiler to build your software for Raspberry Pi from Windows
Cross Eyes Cross Eyes 1.1.1
Cross Eyes consists of a grid populated with colorful dots.
Butler: IP Numbers Butler: IP Numbers 2.1.2
IP Numbers is a plug-in for Butler that displays your current IPv4 (Example: 127.
Java Sudoku Java Sudoku 1.0.1
Java Sudoku is a cross platform version of the popular Sudoku logic game.
Cross Eyes mini Cross Eyes mini 1.2.2
Cross Eyes mini is based on Cross Eyes, a puzzle game with a simple premise: Stop dots from making cross eyes at each other by separating matching pairs.
TextFormation TextFormation 1.1
TextFormation is a free FileMaker Pro plug-in that dynamically transforms text within your FileMaker solutions into easy-to-read presentable formats.
Memorize digits 01 Memorize digits 01 1
Memorize the nombers. You can do it! Memory is one of the activities of human
Amigos Cross Sums Amigos Cross Sums 4.0
Create and solve an unlimited number of Cross Sums / Kakuro puzzles

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