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Conway Conway 0.1a3
This marks the third 0.
Goodlife Goodlife 1.0
A friendly implementation of Conway's Game of Life
mondo life mondo life 1.2
Life is a cellular automaton devised by John Conway in 1970.
eVita eVita 0.1
eVita is a program for computer science students or fans of cellular automata (CA) such as Conway's Game of Life.
Game of Life Game of Life 1.3
Game of Life was invented by the Cambridge University (now at Princeton) mathematics professor John Conway.
Edge Of Chaos Edge Of Chaos 1.1
Explore the edge of chaos through the famous "Game of Life" cellular automaton.
GPULife GPULife 1.0.1
GPULife is a screensaver which displays Conway's Game of Life, implemented entirely as an OpenGL shader.
Life29 Life29 2.0.8
Board game that realize classic game "Life" by John Conway, but have loadable rules some of them is Life29 (by default) where all cells have three states (empty, young and old) with different evolutions rules.
Nifty Life Nifty Life 1.2
Nifty Life is a cellular automata program for running John Conway's Game of Life.
LifeLab LifeLab 4.4
LifeLab is a game for exploring John Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata.

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