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Concierge is a drawer-based bookmark assistant for Safari, Apple Computer's web browser.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 431K
Developer: Borrowed Time, Inc.
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Updated: 31 May 2006
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Concierge is a drawer-based bookmark assistant for Safari, Apple Computer's web browser. Concierge is merely an assistant -- it is not meant to completely replace Safari's bookmark management scheme. Instead, Concierge acts more like an easily-accessible bookmark Scratchpad. Web bookmarks, email links, Address Book cards, and Finder file/folder links are stored and managed in a drawer attached to either side of Safari's browser window. Safari's bookmarks and history items are also accessible in Concierge's drawer, with on-the-fly searching available to quickly find those buried links.

One of Concierge's (potentially) more appealing features is the ability to "focus" the Scratchpad the web site that is currently being viewed. This means that only the links relevant to the current web site appear, leaving the remainder temporarily out of sight. Since this may not work for everyone, a Preferences window allows you modify Concierge's behavior.

Unregistered copies are fully-featured but with three limitations:
Concierge bookmarks are not saved between Safari sessions.
The number of Safari bookmarks that appear in the Bookmarks drawer tab are limited.
Only those history items from the current day are displayed.

What's New:
Feature: Concierge is now built in Universal Binary format. Finally!
Bug fix: Tildes within paths for file items in the Scratchpad and Bookmarks views are now expanded, as per Apple's rule regarding saving file paths as URLs.
Bug fix: The Duplicate Item feature now works correctly with folders and embedded folders.
Bug fix: A problem where Concierge would (very) intermittently destroy Safari's bookmarks file has been resolved.
Bug fix: Dragging a bookmark from Concierge into Safari's bookmarks view window no longer causes Concierge to temporarily lose track of Safari's bookmarks.
Bug fix: The Concierge menu is now installed properly within the Safari menu if the preferences are set that way, even if the 'Empty Cache' Safari menu item has been mangled by another third-party utility.
Bug fix: Added additional argument checking for some AddressBook functions that peer into records to ensure that information added by third-party plugins is valid before trying to process that information.
Bug fix: The default command-key shortcuts for showing specific views within Concierge while opening the drawer have been removed. Some of them were conflicting with Safari's own "Make Text Bigger/Smaller" menu item shortcuts.

Mac OS X 10.3 or later (Tiger compatible)
Safari 1.2 or later.

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