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Concepts Unlimited is the industry's first 3D modeling product totally focused on conceptual and preliminary design for those requiring precision models.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: CADDSoft Solutions, Inc.
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Updated: 24 Aug 2006
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Concepts Unlimited is the industry's first 3D modeling product totally focused on conceptual and preliminary design for those requiring precision models.

Concepts is uniquely positioned to provide solutions that address versatile 2D, 3D, curve, suface, solid modeling practices, photo realistic rendering and animation, and 2D drawing composition capabilities all in one seamlessly integrated package.

What's New:
Integrated ACIS R15 SP7 from Spatial. The new ACIS build represents over a year of maintenance work by Spatial relative to the R14 build used in SP0 including hundreds of issues addressed. This also includes updates to the IGES, STEP, PROE, and CATIA v4 translators.
Added new tangent cover with guide curves surface. Great for controlling boundary tangents with interior curves.
Improved architectural unit handling for feet inches and the Tool Bar data entry windows.
Added drop down in unit settings for feet-inches for fractional tolerances for display.
Added more pen weight options for defining new pen styles.
Added ability to set user font size to the text and dimension floating tool bar.
Twist tool now supports twisting everything that is selected.
Now support handling ellipsis for long paths in recent file menu.
Added integer Frame Per Seconds count to ViewBall title bar.
Improved performance related to displaying progress dialog boxes.
Up to 4x performance improvements for reading and writing files with many materials.
Several enhancements were added to the Aeropack export curve tool.
Performance improvement achieved by only updating snap cursor percent on entities if the user changed the percent value in the prefs page.
Added new curve export option for AeroPack for using spline points.
Added new curve export option for AeroPack for equal along x.
Added option to export R15 ACIS SAT files
Added option to export CU v3 SP0 files
Enhanced AeroPack .GEO file import option
Added new AeroPack strings
Added support for importing (via .spl ) AeroPack Export Spline files
Improved Tool Tip display, especially over symbols
Added support for annotation Leader lines to Rhino import file.
BOM now supports a Grand Total option in the templates
Eyedropper tool now supports coping BOM attributes.
Corrected issue with plane curve intersections.
Corrected long standing issue with suppressed features becoming unsuppressed for certain situations.
Corrected issues with data entry window for arcs and circles.
Corrected issues with data entry window for ellipses
Changed the project workplane snap option to snap min distance to work plane instead of along view normal in the case of microsribe activated.
Changed the spline on surface tool to project microscibe point along min distance path instead of view normal path.
Corrections for data entry window and 3D lines, in particular midpoint lines.
Corrected crash with long paths and recent file menu.
Corrected a crash combining certain bezier curves.
Corrected issue with exporting horizontal and vertical dimensions to DWG.
Corrected issue with Zebra plot display on OS X.
Corrected issue with certain line font thickness and groups imported from DXF/DWG.
Fixed a crash associated with lathed solids and regen procedure.
Corrected problem with scaling conic rho values
Commented out error dialog box for polyconic surfaces
Changed diameter to radius on Arc Obj Info Page
Corrected rapid render cursors
Corrected stitch max heal size ent edit page bug
Corrected a problem with changing front/back status.
Corrections to Metal renders and dead on lighting conditions
New optioning while in the section view tool
Correction with sectioning views that are away from the model origin
Improved spacing between some controls the BOM dialog box
Corrected a tolerance issue when using the Simplify command.
Corrected an issue with Saving PICTS between Mac and PC and older versions.
Corrected a crash/hanging condition with ellipses (Mac only)
Using Expose on Mac with multiple windows would confuse CU as to which file was really current.
Corrected a problem rotating profiles that belong to a extrusion, where the extrusion vector was not also getting rotated.
Corrected a normalization problem with ellipses.
Corrected a problem scaling horizontal, vertical, parallel dimensions and the FirstOffsetValue not getting updated creating bad text placements.
Fixed problem with tool palettes on multiple monitor PC configurations where popups would freeze into position. This occurred when the second monitor was to the left of the primary monitor.
Fixed LAWSPLINE and LAWSURFACE not importing from a spline file.
Disable MAC menubar when modal dialog is managed, preventing some re entrant crashes.
Corrected some issues with the Stretch tool.
Corrected unique problem with negative ids on surfaces edges.
Added several missing “small” AeroPack icons.
Corrected tool tip for solid pattern types
Clicking on an owner drawn controls sets keyboard focus back to the draw window as in previous versions.
Corrected issue regarding tab key and owner drawn controls.
Added more room for buttons so they don't overlap other controls for mesh params dialog box.
Fixed reading in special Arc case for rhino files.
Corrected issue with default eye point settings for metric units.
RemoveFace now de-selects faces if when operation fails.
Added Italian localization
Fixed a selection bug when the Object Info dialog is open. Performance improved 100x in particular instance of selected solids/surfaces.
Under certain circumstances, the progress dialog would stay on the screen after a task was finished (winOS only).
Section views did not regen line thickness corrected because it was ignoring pen styles.
Corrected long standing problem with importing files with auxviews. Auxview data would all disappear if something was already in the file you were importing into.
Add provision to make sure cut and copy Edit menu items are turned on.
Corrected problem with progress cursor still around after a nudge operation.
Fixed crash in dxf/dwg import where text entity was a single backslash character.
Fixed crash in data entry window when selecting/editing defpt of already selected entity.
Dimension style created for each dim on export, fixes dim text and arrowheads not scaling properly.
Corrected matchface tool cursor bug.
Exporting DXF/DWG layer names now makes sure names are unique.

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