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ConceptDraw VI is designed for professional flowcharting, diagramming and illustrating.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 58644K
Developer: Computer Systems Odessa
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Updated: 07 Sep 2006
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ConceptDraw VI is designed for professional flowcharting, diagramming and illustrating. Its flexible, handy tools help business and technical users quickly document complex structures, systems and processes. ConceptDraw VI charts can be shared as a variety of graphics files and CAD documents, printed pages, presentations and web pages. Owing to the advanced libraries of pre-drawn shapes,

ConceptDraw VI is perfect for most of the charting tasks. In this version of ConceptDraw 6.0 improved such features as:
- export to SVG, MS Visio support, texture fill, spell checker, Alpha-channel (transparency)
- Copying library objects within the same library is added. Use drag & drop pressing Ctrl/Cmd key.
- The tool became even more helpful and easy to use.

Fully functional 30-day trial.

What's New:
Customizable soft shadows were added. This allows you to select an object and drop a shadow onto the canvas, as well as add corresponding shadows to the other objects it intersects with. Changing shadow colour or its position relative to an object are also options.
Usability improvement by remembering the last used folders for opening and saving files, preserving the last used format for Save As dialog and being able to select objects in a group by using the Tab button.
Shapes can now be locked from the shape context menu.
Smart Objects in the Library window are now marked with a blue icon.
ConceptDraw Basic improvements with new functions for Shape, Paint and Page objects that allows to changes to object ordering, filling color and shadows.
ConceptDraw VI version 6.1 adds 6 new libraries:
Cubicles library has a wide variety of different types of office tables and accessories
Office Equipment Symbols
Pipes and Plumbing library with shapes for electrical and water connections
Shipping & Receiving Symbols
Recreation shapes library.

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