Conan the Librarian X 1.1 review

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What is Conan the Librarian X? A torture tool.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 181K
Developer: John Schilling
Price: $0.00
Updated: 01 Aug 2006
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What is Conan the Librarian X?
A torture tool. Conan tells you to shut up when the incoming sound on your built in microphone reaches certain levels. This is a port of a very, very old System 7 extension for the Macintosh. It was one of my favorite useless apps for the Classic Mac OS.

How do I use Conan the Librarian X?
Ideally, you should install this app on the Mac of someone you hate. I have a list of 67 people, personally. Once installed on the Macintosh of your foe, double click the icon to launch. It runs as a faceless background application, so it will look as if nothing has happened. When running, Conan the Librarian listens in on the built in microphone. When the sound level gets to a certain point, it will tell you to shut up. The more sound that comes in, the angrier the Governor gets. If you need to kill the application because your life is being threatened, open up a Terminal window and type in the following command:

killall QUIT "Conan The Librarian"

Conan the Librarian X is 159% freeware. You may redistribute the application as you see fit, without notification to myself, as long as no fee is collected.

What's New:
Version 1.1 is a little less sensitive to sounds.
If Conan is still too sensitive, try lowering the Input Volume in the System Preferences (under Sound->Input).

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