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Compression Engine is a powerful, high quality media encoder for environments with high requirements on throughput.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
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Updated: 14 Apr 2006
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Compression Engine is a powerful, high quality media encoder for environments with high requirements on throughput. Harvesting the power and stability of the Unix operating system combined with the best encoding and filtering algorithms gives you the content on time and on budget.

Compression Engine is the most flexible media encoder on the market. And all this does not come with a compromise in quality or capacity. With the widest selection of input and output formats, the best encoding algorithms and a simple and flexible server integration allows you to process thousands of media files in a snap.

Using Compression Engine, you can create a fully automated workflow. Create as many watch folders as you like, create coding settings once, associate them with your watch folders. To start the coding process, simply drop the source media in the appropriate watch folder and Compression Engine will automatically start the corresponding coding.

Compression Engine can encode to and from the common media standards. You can repurpose media for television, archiving, DVD, second- and third-generation mobile phones, PDA:s, web sites, handheld media players, and more The three different editions of Compression Engine are all designed to suite every considerable need of our customers. The standard Edition is made for customers who need a server based media coding power house.  

Producers of content for mobile devices will find the new Compression Engine Mobile extra useful since it’s optimized for coding mobile content. Special features in the Mobile Edition includes support for the latest 3GPP formats, features for Operations and Management such as SNMP-support.

Our cluster edition gives customers the extra power to finish their project in time. With Compression Master Cluster Edition, running racks of clustered Apple Xservers and letting them share the load of really heavy duty media coding has never been easier. As you need more processing power, just add more nodes and with the cluster edition of Compression Engine, you will never run out of steam.

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