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Drop Compile X Drop Compile X 1.0
Drop Compile compiles and links C, Objective-C and C++ source code files by dropping them on Drop Compile's floating window.
Turbo Braille Turbo Braille 0.5.2
Turbo braille is a command line text to braille (grade 2 or grade 3) translator.
ByteRun Website Compiler ByteRun Website Compiler 1.0
Compile your website into exe and burn it to CD.
Equation Compiler Plugin Equation Compiler Plugin 3.1
Equation Compiler Plugin is a REALbasic plugin which compiles a user entered string containing a mathematical formula into machine language for rapid evaluation.
Compile Digital Device Music Compile Digital Device Music 1.0
Compile Digital Device Music is an AppleScript that, with the help of iTunes, creates a new music library containing enough music to fit into the free space on an installed digital music device (iPod, Rio, etc.
Open Script Open Script 1.1
Open Script will take a selection of a message in Entourage and move it to a Script Editor window and will attempt to compile it as applescript.
FoxRabbitCarrot FoxRabbitCarrot 1.01b
FoxRabbitCarrot is a simple networked multiplayer board game, used primarily as an example of client/server programming using MUSCLE.
HF ExeScript HF ExeScript 3.0
Compile and convert batch files, VBS and JS scripts to executable (.exe) files.
ExeScript ExeScript 2.0
Compile and convert batch files, VB and Java scripts to executable (.exe) files.
Vbs2Exe Vbs2Exe 5.0
Award Winning Sofware for compiling Scripts and Batch Files. Free Trial!

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