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CompanyMOVE was created by top Director’s Guild of America (DGA) assistant director, Ross Novie.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Novko, LLC
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Updated: 05 Nov 2006
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CompanyMOVE was created by top Director’s Guild of America (DGA) assistant director, Ross Novie.
It provides a better way for all crew members to breakdown and schedule films, television shows, commercials and videos.

Schedules integrated with call sheets and production reports to eliminate daily redundant typing.
Visually superior graphics, using icons and a variety of shapes and colors to better communicate what’s being shot when.
A robust calendar that allows you to also schedule prep and post.
New features like “TimeOut”, which allows you to track how many hours each scene will take.
A commitment to regular improvement. New features are already being developed, and free updates will be released on a monthly basis.

Demo expires in 10 days
New schedule lock feature unavailable.

What's New:
A new report perfect for commercial production – a Commercial Shooting Schedule, which displays storyboards in each scene’s breakdown.
New “Thin Strips” schedule view and printable report that allows you to see twice as much information in the same area.
Greater design options with choices of font and size for your Call Sheet’s header and banners, the Production Report Header as well as for the Stripboard Banner.
Preferences can be set to allow color or strip shapes to indicate whether scenes are interior, exterior, day or night.
Greater flexibility to add, delete, and modify departments and jobs for call sheets, production reports and the crew list.
A new Categories tab in the Breakdown section of the program allows users to quickly view and select or deselect items in all categories.
An improved Shot List report.
UPM and Line Producer fields have been added to the PROJECT INFO screen for inclusion in Call Sheet and Production Reports.
In the enhanced CALENDAR, users can easily jump around dates by clicking on the month title. By clicking on the date of shoot days, sets and locations scheduled for that day are displayed and may be printed. Also, we have added mini calendars of previous and subsequent months for easy reference.
By holding down the Control Key while tabbing out of a field, users can now override automatic formatting.
The Find/Replace feature works from with breakdown sheets now.
Users can now drag icons to the right side of the SCHEDULE screen to preserve entered notes.
Various other technical and aesthetic improvements.

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