CoCoaCash 1.2.2 review

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CoCoaCash allows you to manages accounts and transactions.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 353K
Developer: turingart, branch of CUBiC
Price: $0.00
Updated: 11 Oct 2006
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CoCoaCash allows you to manages accounts and transactions.

Work in progress. No bugs yet reported. Feedback welcome!

Here are some key features of "CoCoaCash":
Manages different accounts
Document-oriented: Manages different accounts of different users
Allows to assign categories per transaction
Live search feature
Computes balances .

What's New:
Contextual menues for accounts and transactions
Cancellation transactions: Create a negative transaction based on a selected transaction
Added account properties [Bank name, bank and account ID]
Added links to bank and account web-pages
Enhanced preferences slightly

Known issues [likely to get changed soon]:
Table views don't adopt row height according to selected font
Exchange rates don't update currency list box if rates retrieved twice from web
Some menues don't disable, if related action isn't applicable

Please put copies of your current CoCoaCash documents and application aside. The data format changed slightly.

With an upcoming release, we'll implement versioned documents: If the document format changes, CoCoaCash will perform an automatic old->new conversion.

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