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Cocoa Fortune is a Cocoa wrapper for the infamous UNIX command fortune.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity
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Updated: 07 Sep 2005
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Cocoa Fortune is a Cocoa wrapper for the infamous UNIX command fortune. Fortune was/is a small utility that can display an interesting, funny or obscene message.

Many UNIX people run it as part of their login sequence so that they each morning are presented with a thought-worthy maxim to consider during the day.

Unfortunately, Apple has chosen to leave fortune out of the standard Mac OS X installation. That is why I chose to make this Cocoa wrapper for the command, so that other people than command-line freaks and programmers can enjoy the interesting comments of fortune.

I also added a few goodies, such as automatic refresh of the quote, and a user-friendly way to select the range of messages displayed.

What's New:
The title bar can be removed
The shadow can be removed
The color of the text can be changed
Enabled copying the current fortune without selecting the text
Support for speech in Panther
Can (re)generate .dat index files for fortune files, several at a time
The fortune list management has been moved to a separate window
Drag and drop reordering
Add files by dragging them to the list
Instead of using the traditional fortune program, fortunes can be retreived from the Internet host with tens of thousands of quotes, described on this page:
Bug fixes and minor tweaks:
Leak that led to resource starvation (file handles) after some time
Positioning (over/under the menu bar, belove the Dock)
Minor redraw bug in preferences
Made it easier to select fonts
Window fits the text better, even for fortunes that lack a trailing newline
The window can be locked to the corner of a secondary screen
(fortune) Better randomization if called multiple times in a short time
(fortune) Now uses the latest fortune version from the FreeBSD tree
Added some command key shortcuts for various menu items
Code cleanups.

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