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Clip.It Clip.It 0.2
Solus Clip Solus Clip 3.0
Solus Clip monitors all operations with clipboard and stores all data.
Distort & Twist Distort & Twist 1.0
Distort & Twist is an iMovie plug-in that allows you to 'stretch' the four corners of the clip any which way you like.
Turn Page Transitions Turn Page Transitions 1.0
Turn Page are a set of iMovie transitions that imitate a 3D ‘page turning’ effect, with one clip being ‘turned out’ of the clip, revealing the next clip underneath.
Turn Clip Turn Clip 1.3.1
Turn Clip is an iMovie plug-in that rotates your clip exactly 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
Slow Motion Smoother Slow Motion Smoother 1.1.2
The Slow Motion Smoother Effect makes your home-made slowed down clip look like a professional clip.
Minify Minify 1.3
Remember our plug-in that lets you put a small picture inside your clip? Well, this plug does the *opposite*! It allows you to shrink your clip into a smaller area (e.
iMovie Flicker iMovie Flicker 1.3
iMovie Flicker introduces flashing/flickering brightness into your clip.
iMovie Distort and Morph iMovie Distort and Morph 4.0.1
Distort and Morph is an iMovie plug-in solution that offers high-quality Morph and Distortion effects and transitions.
Clip Notes Clip Notes 1.6
Clip Notes, the convenient and easy to use note database program by

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