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ClickPix - Create professional desktop pictures in just a few seconds.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1153K
Developer: Avis Nocturna Software
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Updated: 06 Oct 2006
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ClickPix - Create professional desktop pictures in just a few seconds.

Almost everyone today owns a digital still camera. One of it's benefits is to shoot large quantities of pictures, as many as the memory card allows us. Even paper photos and slides often land on our hard disks, thanks to cheap and high resolution scanners. Unfortunately, most of them suffer the same destiny as they would in a shoe box on the attic.
Why not using all these pictures as a desktop wallpaper on your Mac, where you can enjoy them in every spare second? Just a single picture is a boring wallpaper, you say? It's troublesome, to search for the best pictures and to set them as desktop picture? You're right.
Until now! Now ClickPix allows you to create attractive wallpapers using your favourite photos. Arrange them in the twinkling of an eye, exactly as you want them. Just use your favourite holiday pictures, portraits of your family, pets, or snapshots from the last party, your car, or the wonderful nature – ClickPix arranges all pictures automatically for you. Without using an internet browser, you can search the web for interesting pictures, and directly import them to your list of pictures for the wallpaper. The more pictures you use, the more appealing the desktop picture will look. Let's be inspired by beautiful colors, lights and picture effects. You decide, on which of your connected displays the picture will appear.

Too straight for you? ClickPix rotates the pictures on demand, and automatically distributes them to an attractive mosaic of pictures. It is able to manipulate the borders, creates drop shadows and many more. Each desktop picture is unique, because positions and rotations are generated randomly.  

No more boring and impersonal desktop pictures with ClickPix! Have yourself a try. The ClickPix demo version can be downloaded for free.

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What's New:
Individual pictures can be moved, rotated or scaled by the user
Bug fixes.

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