Cineon DPX QuickTime Component 2.0.0 review

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This is a demo of a set of QuickTime components that can load and save Cineon or DPX images.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Glue Tools
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Updated: 11 Oct 2006
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This is a demo of a set of QuickTime components that can load and save Cineon or DPX images. These components are crippled, in that the images have a stripe through the center of the image.

In the commercial version, you can load and save Cineon or DPX images from QuickTime, or any QuickTime enabled applications. Controls are provided to adjust black/white points, display gamma and conversion gamma. Raw image loading and saving is also supported, for those people that wish to use their own LUTs or LOG/LIN tools.

Note: You will need QuickTime Pro in order to load or save a range of Cineon/DPX Images.

Here are some key features of "Cineon DPX QuickTime Component":
Control over white and black points as well as gamma.
Separate controls for import and export settings.
View Cineon image sequences with QuickTime player.
Convert Cineon/DPX images into any of QuickTime's supported image or movie formats.
Works with any QuickTime enabled application. You can import or export Cineon or DPX images directly with Apple's Final Cut Pro HD, for instance.

What's New:
Timecode In & Out
Spotlight Plugin for searching keycodes and timecodes
Improved file handling and movie loading.
View Header information about image file. Items such as colorimetric information, byte packing info, image depth, image size, transfer method, project name, slate info, etc.
User editable Project or Image description fields are now accessible in the Cineon or DPX headers.
YCbCr coefficients can be selected when loading YUV encoded DPX frames
Override header information, so that you can choose which colorspace to open an image in.
For FCP, you can specify the "Reel" name, or use a header field from the DPX file header.

QuickTime 7.1 Pro.

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