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chronomaniac is a schedular and alarm system.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 6K
Developer: Rylin Technologies
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Price: $5.00
Updated: 15 Jun 2006
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chronomaniac is a schedular and alarm system. It was made to quickly schedule alarms/chronos, events, meetings, and reminders. Via hotkeys, this application quickly appears to set a new alarm and then returns the user to where they left off.

It can also run with iCal and iTunes to document scheduled events and run playlists. chronomaniac will also wake your computer up if it goes to sleep, perfect for using it for alarms.

Here are some key features of "chronomaniac":
Will wake up computer to fire chrono
Quick hotkey activation (shift-space)
Hides and returns user back to previous activities
Can sync chronos with iCal
Can play iTunes with chrono
Play custom playlists
Speedy keyboard shortcuts so mouse is never needed to set a new chrono
Message popups when chrono goes off
Says message chrono goes off
Rememebers alarms even if chronomaniac is turned off
Error Checking, will not allow date and time which has already passed
Long term alarms can set alarms for years in the future
SAFE, chronomaniac does not mess around with system files like other alarms that claim to wake up for alarms
keeps track of personal preferences
free technical support of chronomaniac
Universal Binary.

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