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Chinese Rewriter is a Mac OS X application which converts the texts between Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Updated: 26 May 2006
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Chinese Rewriter is a Mac OS X application which converts the texts between Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Version 2 contains many great features like: batch processing, Mac OS X application service support, and the ability to convert ID3 tags.

Here are some key features of "Chinese Rewriter":
Chinese Rewriter can open Big 5 and GB encoded text files, which converts them between Traditional and Simplified Chinese. In version 2, it can also open and save UTF-8 encoded documents. Files can easily be opened by a simple drag-and-drop with the mouse.
When you need to convert a lot of documents, you don't have to open and save them individually. Instead, you can drag all the documents onto Chinese Rewriter's icon and just wait for Chinese Rewriter to perform these tasks for you.
Chinese Rewriter allows you to type right into the application itself, which is then able to convert the characters you are typing immediately into Traditional or Simplified characters. This means you can see the converted text as you type. You can also drag or cut texts from other applications and convert them in Chinese Rewriter.
In addition, Chinese Rewriter can deal with the lexical differences between different Chinese speaking regions. It is able to substitute lexical items with their equivalents which are adopted in other linguistic communities. Users can decide which lexical items should be substituted by editing the dictionary files. When converting form Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese, Chinese Rewriter is smart enough to convert every character according to its context, making the converted text more readable.
Chinese Rewriter supports the application services feature in Mac OS X. After Chinese Rewriter is installed, it provides system-wide services via the Services menu. If you need to convert your Chinese texts in other applications, one can conveniently do it by selecting a Chinese Rewriter converting service under the Application menu. With this function, the user doesn't even have to open or switch to Chinese Rewriter itself. In addition, Chinese Rewriter provides keyboard shortcuts to the services so, you don't have to keep on moving your hands back and forth from the keyboard to the mouse while one is typing.
If your Chinese MP3s cannot be displayed correctly in iTunes, you may find Chinese Rewriter useful. Chinese Rewriter is able to convert ID3v1 tags to Unicode-compatible ID3v2 tags, allowing song information to be displayed normally. Last but not least, it can also convert song information between Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

15 days trial.

What's New:
ID3v2.3 tags are now supported.

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