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SpotCheck SpotCheck 6.0
SpotCheck is a powerful color tool that allows you to quickly and easily change the color information on a document.
HTML Colors HTML Colors 1.1
HTML Colors is an application you can use to create color schemes for web pages.
Photo Resizer Pro Photo Resizer Pro 5.5
Edit colors, add frames, enhance and much more
Muskrat Color Muskrat Color 3.1
Lets you type a hexadecimal color value into the text box and have the background immediately change to that color.
FullColor XT FullColor XT 1.5
FullColor XT enables QuarkXPress users to create and manage colors and blends with the convenience of an interactive palette, offering solutions in interface and functionality that have never been available before.
FullMeasure FullMeasure 3.2
Badia FullMeasure is a powerful control palette that gives you instant access to more than 150 functions, attributes and tools right at your fingertips.
Auora Website Auora Website 5.1.2
Flash website templates and easy-to-use software
7 Colors 7 Colors 1.2.1
7 Colors is a logical game for two players.
Image Repainter Image Repainter 1.5
Changes colors of an image by borrowing template colors.
FolderHighlight FolderHighlight 2.8
Highlight folders with a color of your choice, change folder color.

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