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CD Stack allows you to rip your CDs with control that you may not be used to on a Mac.

License: Trial
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Kapraet Software
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Updated: 19 Jun 2006
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CD Stack allows you to rip your CDs with control that you may not be used to on a Mac. It is designed with many shortcuts in mind for when you have a large amount of discs to rip. You add cover art when you rip, control with finer detail how you want your MP3s encoded, and use the best encoder out there, the L.A.M.E. encoding engine.


When you rip with CD Stack, the CD-ROM drive will rip as fast as it can, and MP3 encoding happens as fast as it can. The encoding speed, however, will not affect how fast you can get through your discs. If you have a fast or upgraded CD/DVD-ROM drive, you will be able to rip your CDs a lot faster, leaving the computer to finish encoding your MP3s as fast as it can. This means less time babysitting the computer while it simultaneously rips and encodes.

Integrates with iTunes. Or Not.

CD Stack will automatically import songs that you ripped into iTunes, complete with artist and track information and cover art. You also have the option of not importing into iTunes, if you would rather use a different program to play back your MP3s. CD Stack allows you to organize the MP3 files by different criteria so that you can organize your files out exactly as you like.

L.A.M.E. MP3 Compression.

It's definitely NOT lame... But it is, (in our opinion) the best MP3 encoder out there. Your files will sound better, and you will have more control over bitrate and quality than you would with other software. Also, unlike other software that uses L.A.M.E. for the Mac, CD Stack does not require you to use iTunes. It completely stands alone.

Every 15 minutes, a screen will pop up reminding you to register if you find CD Stack useful.

What's New:
When preferences were set so that the CD does not eject after ripping, all buttons would stay disabled.
Installer .DMG file would automatically decompress. Now it will mount per the manual's installation instructions
Added a "Stop Ripping" button to stop the ripping / encoding queue task.

Java 2 Standard Edition, version 5.0 (Available via Software Update).

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