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Retrieve your photos from corrupt or formatted flash cards or other digital camera media.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 8392K
Developer: SubRosaSoft LLC
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Updated: 30 Aug 2006
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Retrieve your photos from corrupt or formatted flash cards or other digital camera media. Undelete raw camera format files from OS X hard drives. Recover lost images from CDs and DVDs.

If you've lost data and you need to get it back, CameraSalvage is your best choice for getting it back. CameraSalvage is the ultimate Mac OS X tool for data recovery for digital images . CameraSalvage recovers deleted files, damaged or missing volumes and even formatted disks.

Here are some key features of "CameraSalvage":
Written specifically for Mac OS X, CameraSalvage includes powerful features that give a user greater control and flexibility in retrieving lost data:
Safety first - CameraSalvage will never write to the disk or device you are salvaging data from. This makes the software risk free of causing further damage to your disk, as it does not attempt to repair a disk but instead simply reads it, and copies the relevant files to a destination of your choosing.
Works anywhere - CameraSalvage is device and file system independent. You can recover files from a hard drive, Digital Camera, USB key, PC disk, FLASH card, scratched CD's, and almost anything else that you can plug in to your computer.
Skips free space - On HFS+ volumes, CameraSalvage will scan only the free space of a volume to recover files from.
Recovers files after a disk or device has been formatted - Got an initialized disk or other device that had files on it you want back? No problem, CameraSalvage will recover your files from that too.
Recovers files from corrupt media - Corruption does not detain CameraSalvage. It will process any intact data on the disk and recover whole or partial files wherever they are found.
CameraSalvage even works on faulty hardware - CameraSalvage may be able to recover data from disks or devices that you were previously considering to be a new doorstop. It does this by using several different extensively tested, improved, and proven techniques to read the same piece of information, and automatic skipping of areas of media that are fully unreadable. By employing this method CameraSalvage is often able to recover disks and devices that formerly appeared too physically broken to use.
File Type Selection - Select specific file types you want to recover. CameraSalvage can be used to recover as many or few file types as you choose.

Cannot recover files.

What's New:
Updated support for case sensitive volumes, increased speed in scanning.
Updated file format support for more raw image formats.

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