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Dice Dice 1.01
Dice Widget is a customizable dice which can be used to roll 2-32 sided dice.
IP Electronic Dice IP Electronic Dice 1.02
Electronic Dice Software.
Floating Dice Floating Dice 1.2
Floating Dice is a tool for people who need everything from 4 sided to 100 sided dice.
Free Dice Free Dice 2.0
Free Dice is a simple, free Mac OS X tool for rolling dice.
Xiphoid Dice Roller Xiphoid Dice Roller 0.3c
Xiphoid Dice Roller is a simple application that rolls dice using the D&D "dice string" standard; e.
Dungeon Dice Dungeon Dice 1.0
Dungeon Dice is a dice rolling application written in AppleScript that allows you to track dice results and roll multiple dice.
Killer Dice Y2K Killer Dice Y2K 1.1
Killer Dice Y2K - Sequel to the all-popular Killer Dice, with a whole new set of Y2K fortunes.
Dice Roller Dice Roller 1.0
Dice Roller is a simple program for rolling dice written in Java.
Bones Bones 1.0
Bones offers a unique view on dice rollling, with its main functionality exploiting the virtual nature of the dice.
DiceBaby DiceBaby 2.0
DiceBaby rolls dice.

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