Bliss Saver 2.3.4 review

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Bliss Saver includes over 130 interactive screen saver animations.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 774K
Developer: Imaja
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Price: $19.00
Updated: 28 Sep 2005
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Bliss Saver includes over 130 interactive screen saver animations. Animations can be triggered with the keyboard, MIDI or sound input.

Dazzling forms and colors are generated by Bliss Saver's sophisticated image and color synthesizers.

Standard screen saver features are included: delay time, activate and don't activate corners, and password protection.

What's New:
Enhanced Animations The animations have been fully revised and enhanced with more sophisticated colors and sequences of shapes and patterns for the latest models of Power Macintosh and iMac and iBook computers and Mac OS 9, OS 8 and System 7.
New Keyboard Commands The interactive keyboard commands have been extended to give you more creative power in the animation interaction.
This new version is accelerated for Power Macintosh models and is also compatible with older 68K-based Macintosh computers. Bliss Saver responds to sound and MIDI input; a light show for your favorite music! Bliss Saver also can automatically switch to 256 colors for color animation, even if you normally use Thousands or Millions of Colors in the Monitors control panel.

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