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Blaze is a SimpleText replacement word processor that has added features like font scalability and a shortcuts menu.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: Koingo Software
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Updated: 11 Aug 2006
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Blaze is a SimpleText replacement word processor that has added features like font scalability and a shortcuts menu.

International Spell Checking is only one of the numerous power user features Blaze has to offer! When it comes to ease of use and ability to customize the look of your document, Blaze cannot be beat.

With our popular text editor, users have the ability to change the characteristics of their text instantly. Size, font, color, and style are all easily changed, and entire sections can be changed to all lowercase, uppercase, or title case in a flash. Document editing has never been so simple.

With the Mac OS X version of this powerful writing software, users are able to use Apple's built-in Text to Speech feature with any document, as well as Apple's built-in spell check engine. However, these aren't the only features integrated with operating systems.

Because compatibility between platforms is a big issue these days, Blaze has the function to convert your text document to a PC-DOS or UNIX format easily, as well as the ability to read and write to Rich Text (RTF) files without a problem.

One of Blaze's major features, something most other cheap software text editors are missing, is the option to save your document as a HTML file or send it as an email - no need to memorize html codes! Blaze can do all of these things with a few mouse clicks, saving you time and trouble, as well as doubling as a HTML editor.

Here are some key features of "Blaze":
Recent File List
Import Text
Export as HTML or Plain Text
Print Document
Show/Clear Clipboard
Find, Find in Selection
Replace All
Insert Date or Time
Smarten or Stupefy Quotes
Go to Top, Bottom, Line
Send via Email
Set Font, Size, Color, and Style
Switch to Titlecase/Lowercase/Uppercase
Cross Platform Conversation Utilities.

15 days trial.

What's New:
New Feature: Beta Tester Code added
New Feature: AHIG compliant customizable toolbars
New Feature: Buy now link now links directly to the product on the order page
New Feature: Software Update timeout value
New Feature: Software Update now displays version changes
New Feature: Software Update no longer stalls the application on launch if no network is present
New Feature: Software Update can now use proxies
New Feature: Software Update displays date last checked
New Feature: Can now place the Preferences file next to the application to use it instead
New Feature: Installed backup toolbar incase AHIG toolbar can't be used
New Feature: Added Customize Toolbar menu item (for future use)
New Feature: Does not continue to load application after demo expired
New Feature: Added Software License Agreement into application
New Feature: Moved statistics to "Statistics" under the View menu
New Feature: Built-in Help menu documentation
Enhancement: Zoom window works much nicer
Modification: Removed minimize option from the Preferences window to be AHIG compliant
Modification: Removed unnecessary shading from the edit field on the main document window
Bug Fix: Fixed assigningValues from prematurely turning off
Bug Fix: Preferences window no longer accidently refreshes its values when already open
Bug Fix: Software Update checker works more reliably.

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