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Battlefield Cribbage is a variation of cribbage that preserves the purity of cribbage while requiring new levels of strategy and skill.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: True North Software
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Updated: 16 Feb 2006
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Battlefield Cribbage is a variation of cribbage that preserves the purity of cribbage while requiring new levels of strategy and skill. The scoring is virtually the same as cribbage but each player can see the field of play and make strategic moves. Battlefield Cribbage is a game that will amaze you with its depth of play and the new dimensions it brings to the game of cribbage. Battlefield Cribbage leaves less up to luck and relies more on strategy. Battlefield Cribbage is a game that you will talk about long after the game has ended. Battlefield Cribbage is like combining the games of cribbage and chess.

The game consists of multiple rounds called skirmishes. The skirmish is made of individual turns, until a player decides to end the round or until the deck of cards is exhausted. During each skirmish there are two ways to score. The first is called scoring the frontline. The second is scoring the battlefield, which consists of scoring the best 4 out of 5 cards in the player??™s hand in conjunction with a common turn card. Scoring the battlefield occurs at the end of each skirmish or round. Battlefield Cribbage also puts a joker into play. The joker is called the kill card for it kills any hand that it is part of during the scoring of the battlefield.

Battlefield Cribbage also features a hand calculator as an aid in scoring hands, a game recorder for replay of hands, and a game log to record game activity. Battlefield Cribbage can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players. In 4-player, the players can play either as individuals or as teams.

15 days trial.

What's New:
The game now collects statistics on your game play so that you can improve your skills. It collects statistics for pegging, hand, and crib points scored in the game and gives you a normalized percentage of each category of points. It sums up the last 5 and 10 game averages so that you can see trends in your game play. It also keeps a sum of all the games you have played. You can now set the level of play for the game.
There are four levels of play including novice, intermediate, expert, and Kreskin. The novice level uses only the core AI functionality. The intermediate level adds half of the defensive and offensive moves to the mix. The expert level applies all defensive and offensive moves. The Kreskin level is the same as the expert level with the addition that it looks at all face down cards to help it make moves.
The computer AI has been enhanced to provide more defensive and offensive moves.

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